Callebaut Chocolate Pencils Van Gogh Marbled 20cm - 1x900g

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Made with Belgian dark and white chocolate, they have a nice satin gloss and a lovely colour, gradually shifting from dark to white. Their subtle snap and chocolate taste that dances on the palate from intense cocoa to creamy milk make them perfect for snacking and for decorating your cakes and desserts. Their delicately crafted, artisan look and generous length, enable you to instantly create an eye-catching and elegant chocolate finishing touch. 200mm in length. Certified Kosher. Each catering pack is 900g.

Callebaut have been creating the Finest Belgian Chocolate for more than 100 years. Crafted in Belgium from bean to chocolate, their products have balanced and round taste preferred by chefs, bakers and chocolatiers. Our range of wholesale Callebaut products includes their famous Dark 811, Milk 823 and White W2 baking chocolates as well as the newer Ruby, Gold and Ground Chocolate For Drinks. As one of Callebaut's largest stockists, we have a wide range of pack sizes available including callets in 400g, 1kg, 2.5kg, and even 10kg bags of fairtrade baking chocolate. Alongside these core products, Callebaut also produce high quality chocolate cups, chocolate decorations, cocoa powder, pastes, dessert premixes and topping sauces. For every pack of Finest Belgian Chocolate you buy, through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, Callebaut are reinvesting in sustainable cocoa farming in West Africa.

sugar 48.0%; cocoa butter 23.0%; whole MILK powder 11.5%; skimmed MILK powder 10.5%; cocoa mass 6.0%; emulsifier: SOYA lecithin <1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1%
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They are perfect for decorating patisserie, cakes, desserts or ice cream dishes, and have a wonderful caramel flavour.
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Use full length, or can be cut with a hot knife.
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Underline the elegance of your creations with a chocolate pencil
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There are approx. 125 chocolate pencils per 900g box.
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Made in Belgium by Callebaut.