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Caribbean Chocolate Cup


Ingredients (serves 4)


  • Melt the chocolate gently until it is nice and runny.
  • Then mix the egg yolks into the chocolate one at a time.
  • In the meantime, beat the egg whites until stiff and do the same with the cream (not too stiff).
  • First fold the egg white mixture into the chocolate mixture a bit at a time, and finally fold in the cream.
  • Then place a piece of sponge cake in the bottom of each chocolate cup and spoon a dash of rum over the sponge cake.
  • Place a thin slice of pineapple on top and fill each cup to the top with the chocolate mousse: use a spoon or a piping bag for this purpose.

As an alternative, you can use macaroons (coconut biscuits) or almond biscuits instead of the sponge cake. All you have to do is to crush the biscuits and flavour them by sprinkling with rum.


Use Callebaut Chocolate Mousse Powder and choose between dark, milk or white chocolate for a quick and reliable alternative.