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Chocolate Sauces in Under a Minute


Ingredients for a single portion of hot chocolate sauce:

  • 1 tbsp of milk or cream, depending on taste
  • 2 tbsp of chocolate chips:
  •        Dark
  •        Milk
  •        White

You can scale up the units to make the required number of servings.


  • Depending on the kind of sauce you want to prepare, select dark, milk or white chocolate chips.
  • Put the chocolate, together with one tablespoon of milk (or cream for a soft and creamy sauce), into a small jug. Place the jug in a microwave oven for 15 seconds at 650W; stir well and heat for a further seven seconds in the microwave; stir one more last time – and it is ready! 
  • This is how you can whip up a delicious and fresh chocolate sauce in seconds to serve at table. Delicious on profiteroles, ice cream coupes, banana slices, pancakes or waffles.

Cold Chocolate Sauces

For cold sauces you can use exactly the same ingredients in the same proportions as for the hot sauces above, but increase the quantity of cream by 40%.


  • Follow the same method as for the hot sauces above. 
  • Refrigerate the sauce, and serve with fruit desserts, mousses, ices. It is also delicious if served as a cool contrast with hot desserts and snacks like pancakes, waffles or warm chocolate cake.