Cooks & Co Goose Fat - 1x1kg

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Goose Fat traditionally has been prized in Europe for frying and roasting vegetables. As it has a high smoke point, you can really crank up the heat in the oven to make crispy roasts. Simply use Cooks & Co Pure Goose Fat in place of butter or cooking oils to add extra flavour to roast vegetables, oven chips, sauté potatoes, fried bread and many more.

Specialist fine food importer with over 65 years of experience, finding interesting ingredients including hand picked stuffed oilves, seasame seed oils and goose fat. Perfect for professional chefs.

100% Pure Goose Fat
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Goose Fat has been traditionally used for frying and roasting vegetables
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Use as a higher quality alternative to butter, lard and cooking oils, for a better finish to your dishes
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Adds extra flavour to roast vegetables, oven chips, pastries and many more
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Cooks & Co produce some of the best quality savoury ingredients on the market
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Ideal for chefs and caterers in the fine food industry