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Harrogate Still Spring Water Sports Cap - 24x500ml

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In 1740 Harrogate became the first British bottled water. So for centuries, this refreshing clear spring water has filtered through layers of rock, naturally enriching it with minerals. The handy easy to carry bottles come complete with a sports cap for easy no spill drinking when walking or running. Each bottle is packaged in their incredible 'shrinking' bottles, helping to reduce waste and keep Britain tidy. Bottled at source in Harrogate. Plastic bottles, once used please recycle. Each bottle is 500ml. There are 24 bottles in each wholesale bulk pack.

Harrogate Spring Water draw on over 400 years of histroy to produce their award winning still and sparkling spring waters. Internationally renowned for its balanced clean taste, refined spa heritage and distinctive, classic contemporary style, their water is synonymous with exceptional quality.

100% Spring Water
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Harrogate became the first British bottled water in 1740
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No spill sports cap
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Ideal for lunch boxes and on the go
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Recyclable packaging
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24 500ml bottles