Pidy Round 'Bouchée' Vol au Vents 4.5cm - 1x72

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These ready to fill vol au vents are made with very light puff pastry to the French method. Airy with a buttery flavour. Technically innovative and hugely creative, these vol au vents are perfect for starters or main meals. Normally used with hot fillings. Before use, the vol au vent inner "cap" should either be pushed down inside the vol au vent, or removed with a knife and placed back on top after adding the filling. Pre-heat the vol au vents for 5 minutes at 180 degrees before adding the pre-cooked filling. French Name on Box: Bouchée. There are 72 pieces in each catering pack. Each piece is 4.5cm in diameter and 3.5cm in height. Please note: These items are hand made and can vary in size- within 0.5cm.

Award-winning ready-made sweet and savoury pastry case. Using natural ingredients, Pidy produce high quality crispy cups, tartlets and trendy shells for professional kitchens.

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), margarine (vegetable fat (palm), water, salt, emulsifier: E471, acid: E330, colour: E160a, flavour), water, salt, whole MILK, rapeseed oil, MILK proteins, pea proteins
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Round shape
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Golden brown colour, with glaze
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Shelf life: 17 months
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Crispy and crunchy structure
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Puff pastry ready to fill for a first course, main dish or dessert