Pidy Trendy Mini Tartlet Round Choco Shells 4cm - 1x210

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These ready to fill sweet trendy mini round chocolate shell pastry cases have a light crumbly structure, with a good chocolate flavour, and look very attractive when filled and plated. The product can be used straight from the pack, and does not have to be re-heated before use. Made with free range eggs. Each piece is 3.8cm in diameter and 1.5cm in height. There are 210 pieces in each wholesale case.

Award-winning ready-made sweet and savoury pastry case. Using natural ingredients, Pidy produce high quality crispy cups, tartlets and trendy shells for professional kitchens.

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), BUTTERfat (MILK) 19%, sugar, icing sugar (sugar and potatoe starch), shea butter, cocoa powder, free range EGG (EGG), water, coconut oil, skimmed cocoa powder, salt, flavour
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Store in a dry place