Pidy Trendy Mini Tartlet Round Neutral Shells 4cm - 1x210

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This is a very attractive round trendy mini tartlet for the buffet, made from melt-in-the-mouth shortcrust pastry. Who could resist them, when filled with your tasty fillings. The product measures 4cm in diameter, and can be used straight from the pack. They do not have to be re-heated before use. Type of pastry: Pressed shortcrust dough. There are 210 pieces in each pack. Each piece is 4cm in diameter and 1.8cm in height. Please note: These items are hand made and can vary in size- within 0.5cm.

Award-winning ready-made sweet and savoury pastry case. Using natural ingredients, Pidy produce high quality crispy cups, tartlets and trendy shells for professional kitchens.

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), BUTTERfat (MILK) 25%, sugar, corn flour, shea butter, free range EGG (EGG), water, coconut oil, salt, inactive yeast, icing sugar (sugar and potatoe starch)
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Store in a dry place