Pidy Vegan Veggie Cups Assortment 4cm - 1x96

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There are four kinds of Veggie Cups in this assortment pack: 24 pieces each of Beetroot, Carrot, Grilled Onion and Spinach. As well as being made with vegetable juice, other key nutrition features include natural vegetable flavours, a great source of fibre, no E-numbers and no hydrogenated fats. The product is best with cold savoury fillings, and will stay crisp for up to 18 hours (depending on the filling). They can also be frozen, and stay crispy after thawing. Type of pastry: Foncage dough, made with sunflower oil and 30% vegetable juice. Developed without palm, they meet the strict requirements of vegan diets. There are 96 pieces in each catering pack, 24 pieces of each flavour. Each piece is 4cm in diameter and 1.5cm in height. Please note: These items are hand made and can vary in size- within 0.5cm.

Award-winning ready-made sweet and savoury pastry case. Using natural ingredients, Pidy produce high quality crispy cups, tartlets and trendy shells for professional kitchens.

WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), corn flour, sunflower oil, water, dried onion powder, beetroot powder, spinach powder, salt, carrot powder, parsley, chives, chervil, tarragon, inactive yeast, raspberry powder, black pepper
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4 flavours - spinach, beetroot, carrot, grilled onion
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Shelf life: 9 months
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Savoury application
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No artificial colours
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Pidy state that these products are VEGAN SUITABLE


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    Brilliant display

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2018

    These cases make a great visual display especially when the fillings are appropriately visual colours. I have had great fun playing around with this for a number of events. They stay crisp when filled as advertised.