Sparkling Wines


The most famous luxury alcoholic drink of all is Champagne, with 307 million bottles produced every year. The biggest export customer of Champagne is the UK. After the first fermentation, Champagne is blended and undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle and minimum ageing of 15 months on its lees. Prosecco is the number one selling Sparkling wine in the world (above Champagne), with production of 311 million bottles per year. Prosecco is lighter and sweeter in taste and appeals to a wider and younger consumer base. Styles can range from ‘Brut’ (less than 15g/l residual sugar), through ‘Extra Dry’ to confusingly enough, ‘Dry’ which is actually notably sweet with between 17 & 35g/l of sugar. The Cava production rate is currently at 240 million bottles per year. 95% of Cava is produced in Southern Catalonia in Spain. Unlike Prosecco, secondary fermentation in Cava takes place in the bottle and the minimum lees ageing is 9 months, which results in a less yeasty style than Champagne.