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Using Choux, Eclairs and Profiteroles


Profiteroles, éclairs & other choux: hand-mixed the traditional way using butter, fresh whole eggs and wheatflour. As with all our long shelf-life pastry cases, the choux pastries are dehydrated after baking which is why they seem hard when taken from the box.

Use the star nozzle from a piping bag to cut a filling hole in the base of each pastry: by rotating the star nozzle backwards and forwards between the fingers a few times, while applying slight pressure, it will soon cut a hole. Make 2 or 3 holes to fill éclairs.

Prepare all you will need for the serving, then fill each one with our Patisserie Cream or whipped cream (not ‘squirty’ cream) piped in through the hole. After filling with cream, they will soften to the normal texture within about twenty minutes. That’s the time when you pour the chocolate sauce all over them, and resist the temptation of trying one (well OK then, just one!).

They can also be used as savoury puffs if filled with cream cheese or salmon mousse in place of the whipped cream (and no chocolate sauce!)